Video: Danelectro Billionaire Big Spender Spinning Speaker

As Andy said in his review of the Billionaire Pride of Texas overdrive pedal, the stompbox was meant to emulate the dirtier tones of “a certain blues legend,” that modern Stratocaster player in whom Texans particularly might find some pride and joy.

So it follows that the next pedal in Danelectro’s new budget-friendly Billionaire pedal series would emulate a rotary speaker, one of only a few effects that our certain bluesman was known to use.

Like the other stompboxes in the Billionaire line, the Big Spender is built to last and priced to sell without compromising its rich tones. Though the Leslie rotary speaker sound is notoriously hard to emulate in a pedal, the Big Spender's already garnering fans, convincing even some rotary cynics to come around.

Perhaps the pedal’s coolest feature is its Ramp footswitch, which allows the player to work their way gradually towards a slower or faster speaker sound. One can also use the Speed knob to dial in the exact whirl and the Treble to get their favorite high-horn tones.

Be sure to watch Andy give the Big Spender a spin in the video above.

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