Video: Company of Thieves Perform "Oscar Wilde" and "Treasure" Live at Reverb

Sometimes, when artists swing by the Reverb studio, they give us a lesson on a playing technique they commonly employ or demo a piece of gear they love. Other times, though, we simply sit back and watch them do what they do best: make awesome music.

Such was the case with Company of Thieves, who recently paid us a visit amidst their reunion tour. Vocalist Genevieve Schatz, guitarist Marc Walloch, and percussionist Chris Faller treated us to two stripped-down versions of their songs, "Oscar Wilde" and "Treasure."

As you can see in these videos, Company of Thieves was able to conjure captivating sounds with nothing but a quirky partscaster, an unknown B-25-esque acoustic, some finger snaps, and Genevieve's unmistakable vocals.

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