Video: Cliff Gallup's Solo in Gene Vincent's "Race with the Devil" | Reverb Learn to Play

Legend has it that Nashville session players were waiting in the wings when Cliff Gallup took his first shot at Gene Vincent's "Race with the Devil." But as soon as the untested backing guitarist went into the lightning-fast licks, producer Ken Nelson knew the hired pros wouldn't be needed.

Today, Reverb's Joe Shadid is running through those lead lines, which helped cement Gallup's reputation as one of rockabilly's best guitarists. Despite only serving a brief stint in Vincent's Blue Caps band—he left the touring life in 1957 to raise his family—Gallup would continue to play in his hometown with his band The Four C's for many years, as well as at church and gospel events.

Gallup's recordings with Vincent would go on to influence Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and many other players in the years and decades that followed.

Joe uses a flatpicking approach on a Gretsch Duo Jet to pick through the pattern. For a slapback echo and a warm reverb tone, the signal's going into a Keeley Caverns Delay and a Supro Neptune Reverb amp.

Be sure to watch the full lesson above, and check out Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps on Reverb LP.

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