Video: Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Drive Demo

Chase Bliss announced its first ever drive pedal, the Brothers, at NAMM this past January.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Brothers, starting with its dual drives. Chase Bliss put two separate circuits inside the pedal: an IC drive circuit designed by Resonant Electronic Design and a JFET drive circuit designed by the company itself.

That’s just the the first course in a banquet of options. Those two gain circuits are stackable in any number of way, including the ability to run either into the other one or simply run them in parallel to be mixed individual. One can even be used as a clean boost to help retain low end.

Per usual, Chase Bliss has equipped the back of the pedal with an arsenal of dip switches. With these, players can choose which parameters to control with an expression pedal of CV input. This kind of flexibility has helped make hits out of its Tonal Recall delay and Warped Vinyl modulation pedals.

Additionally, thanks to the pedal’s DSP control, presets can be programmed into the pedal via MIDI and recalled with the company’s Faves MIDI controller.

You can pre-order the Chase Bliss Brothers now right here on Reverb.

Chase Bliss Audio Shop Now On Reverb

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