Video: Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Synth Demo

Stepping into a market gap left by the discontinued Minimoog Voyager, the Arturia MatrixBrute offers a similar triple oscillator into low-pass filter voice architecture paired with a plethora of modern features designed for both the studio and stage. It does this at a price point well below the Minimoog as well, making it potentially very popular for working musicians.

With both a classic ladder filter and the Brute series Steiner-Parker design on board, the MatrixBrute’s tone can range from vintage to modern, and has a host of analog effects on board for further sound design options. These tools can be grouped to four macro controls for extensive live performance tweakability, and all of this can be saved to recallable presets via the eponymous matrix grid that dominates the front panel. The matrix also serves as a patch cable-free modulation router and visual step sequencer.

Stuffing the standard monosynth design to the seams with features and sound sculpting circuits, the MatrixBrute seems poised to take Arturia to new heights, as well as blazing a trail in the synth market for vintage-inspired designs with modern features at a more affordable price.

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