Troy Van Leeuwen Critiques Our QOTSA Potent Pairings Video

Between the release of their new record Villains and the start of a massive North American and European tour, it's been a busy summer for Queens of the Stone Age.

But that didn't stop guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen from finding some time to come by our studio and give us some feedback on our recent QOTSA Potent Pairings video.

For those unfamiliar with our Potent Pairing videos, it's a series where we attempt to replicate the sounds of various bands with pedals we have on hand. For the QOTSA edition, Joe revisited tracks from all points in the Stoner Rock outfit's discography.

As you can see in the video above, Troy was impressed with our work for the most part. He thinks we should have used a single-coil guitar instead of a Les Paul in some cases and found that, generally, our gain was set a bit too high.

Check out the original post to see the QOTSA Potent Pairings without Mr. Van Leeuwen's commentary and scope out the rest of our Potent Pairings videos here.

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