The Most Expensive Gear to Sell on Reverb in 2021

A lot of gear changes hands via Reverb every year. Below, we're looking at the 10 most expensive that sold on our platform in 2021, including a famous Neve, a pair of first-year Stratocasters, and more.

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1. Robbie Robertson's Neve 8014

We made this video with Robbie Robertson about the console ahead of its sale.

We started the year with the sale of a famous console, a Neve 8014 that Robbie Robertson owned and used on all of his solo albums, as well as many of the blockbuster soundtracks he made for Martin Scorsese's films. The Band guitarist and songwriter also employed the Neve to mix Live at The Academy of Music 1971, an archival concert release of the "Rock of Ages" concerts issued in 2013.

Robertson's Neve 8014 was sold by Reverb seller Techno Empire.

2. 1954 Fender Stratocaster

2. 1954 Fender Stratocaster

The first of two '54 Strats on our list, this particular first-year Stratocaster was sold in incredible, all-original condition (save for a few re-frets), with its original case. Signed by Tadeo Gomez, the Fender worker who built many Golden Era guitars and is now famous among collectors, the '54 Strat also has a beautiful, unique grain pattern visible through its sunburst finish.

This '54 Stratocaster was sold by French Reverb seller Guitare Collection.

3. 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

The first owner of this Goldtop beauty (pictured above), bought the guitar new, from Gibson's Kalamazoo, Michigan factory, in 1957. With original PAF pickups and a finish that shows its age but is in otherwise great shape, it's a stunning example of a '57 Gibson. After the owner passed away, his family posted the guitar on Reverb, writing, "He played it regularly for about 30 years, so it shows some wear on the body and the back of the neck. He has kept it in a safe place with much love until now."

4. Gibson Collector's Edition Korina Explorer

Gibson Collector's Edition Korina Explorer

The first Explorers arrived in 1958. Their bodies were Korina and there were only 19 made that year. In 2021, Gibson announced Collector's Edition replicas—built and aged by the company's Murphy Lab Custom Shop to exacting specification and limited to the same number. The traditional specs include the Korina body and the Brazilian Rosewood fretboard.

This one-of-19 Explorer sold on Reverb via The Trogly's Guitar Show shop.

5. 1954 Fender Stratocaster

1954 Fender Stratocaster

Our second '54 Strat on the list, this one came directly from Fender through The Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop. That shop launched with five archival '50s and '60s Strats—the types of pristine instruments Fender uses to spec out its Custom Shop reissues—including this guitar. The '54 Strat is in very good condition, with enough marks to let you know it was a player, but with all of its original charm intact.

There is one more Strat left for sale in The Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop.

6. 1958 Fender Stratocaster

1958 Fender Stratocaster

When this '58 Stratocaster sold this year, it was in unbelievably excellent condition, partially the result of a sad backstory. The private seller's listing said, "Nearly all the decades it was with the first owner. She bought it as a gift for her husband. He had to go to Vietnam... and unfortunately never came back. So she kept the guitar as the most worthwhile memory of her husband." The original invoice from Tacoma, Washington's Honolulu Conservatory of Music—signed by the first owner and dated Nov. 25, 1958—was included in the sale.

7. 1959 D'Angelico New Yorker

1959 D'Angelico New Yorker

D'Angelico archtops are some of the most prized ever built, with the 18-inch body, late-'50s single-cutaway models being especially well-made and popular among collectors. This New Yorker—complete with ornate inlays, thick binding, and art deco flair—was sold on Reverb by one of Baltimore's best guitar stores, Guitar Exchange.

See more vintage guitars for sale via Guitar Exchange.

8. Neve 1073 and 31102 Modules in Custom Rack

Neve 1073 and 31102 Modules in Custom Rack

Even when found individually, original Neve 1073s and 31102s can cost a pretty penny. This rack of the vintage mic pres and EQs came fully assembled in a custom enclosure built by pro audio purveyors Vintage King.

9. 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Unlike the Goldtop listed above, this '57 Les Paul Custom is a Black Beauty, and one that really lives up to its name. In Gibson's three-pickup Custom configuration, this guitar sold via a private seller in all-original vintage condition—with PAFs, original case, and the small "fretless wonder" frets.

10. 1954 Fender Telecaster

1954 Fender Telecaster

The third and final '54 Fender to top our most-expensive list this year is a blonde Blackguard Telecaster. The finish has faded and yellowed to an almost natural-looking color. On the back, the incredible grain peeks through.

This Telecaster was sold by Gamlin's Music Centre in Cardiff, Wales.

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