The Best Music Software Deals on Reverb Right Now

The past several weeks have been busy for us here at Reverb. We're halfway through a new season of "The Synth Sounds Of…", wherein we breakdown the synths and drum machines used in classic pop songs from the likes of Tears for Fears, Van Halen, and Madonna and offer inexpensive Ableton Live, Logic, and Pro Tools sessions so that you can recreate the tracks yourselves.

Last week, we took a deep dive into the sound design and instrumentation behind Frank Ocean’s groundbreaking Channel Orange and Blond albums, where you can also download Reverb Exclusive patches and sessions.

During this time, many great music software programs and plugins have been updated and released, and we want to highlight the best of those below. These new releases include a bundle of premium processors from an effects powerhouse, the release of an intro version of an innovative DAW, new professional mixing and mastering tools, and some creative synthesis tools.

Keep reading for some of the coolest new plugins, great bargains, and—perhaps the best deals of all—free music software available on Reverb right now.

Brand-New Music Software

Eventide Ultra Essentials Bundle

Eventide makes reverbs that are in a class of their own. And while I love their Blackhole for creating delay-like space around elements, I really use UltraReverb more often for its ability to create natural sounding reverb on vocal tracks.

This bundle is equipped with just enough tools to be dangerous in the studio—packaged together it’s an unbeatable UltraValue. Listen to our audio demo to hear the effects range of these three processors in action.

Syntorial - The Ultimate Synthesizer Tutorial

Syntorial is video game-like training software that teaches you how to program synth patches by ear. Combining video demonstrations with interactive challenges and an on-board soft synth for practice, this is a fast track to building expertise in sound design.

Propellerhead Reason Intro

Reason 10 is a powerhouse, if only for the sound bank alone. I find myself often reaching for subtractive synths for brass sounds and the vocoder for metallic effects. Replacing Reason Essentials, Propellerhead has now released an Intro version of Reason 10, which is essentially a full-fledged DAW at an introductory price. To illustrate some of its sonic capabilities, listen to our demo that features all five new instruments, including the new Radical Piano.

Great Deals

Softube Weiss DS1-MK3

The famous Weiss DS1, used by mastering engineers the world over, finally has a software counterpart. Developed by the brilliant effects designers at Softube in partnership with Weiss Digital Audio, this might be the closest way to afford a previously unobtainable professional tool. Even better, if you're buying on Reverb as a student, you can take advantage of our exclusive discount with your .edu email address.

Metric Halo ChannelStrip

Metric Halo features the best of its standout corrective effects processors on this channel strip, making it a go-to for any dynamic- and phase-mixing needs.

Softube Volume 2

An updated, more expanded offering of products than its predecessor, Volume 2 from Softube features the Weiss MM-1, my absolute favorite plugin released this year so far. Take advantage of exclusive student pricing here.

Under the Radar

Kuassa Amplifikation One

A preamp head, cabinet, and on-board effects in one dynamic plugin. The ability to change the mic type, placement, and proximity makes this effects chain not only useful for recording and mixing guitars but a powerful sound design tool. It’s perfect for synths and drum tracks where I want to add some overdriven bite to the track, like you can hear in our audio demo here.

AudioThing miniBit

Recently updated, this fun and cheap 8-bit synth is great for adding to the mix of another synth part. I use it for doubling basslines in upper registers to add some mid-range crunch and movement.

AfroDJMac 80's VHS Synths Ableton Live Pack

Typically, things intentionally going for lo-fi sensibilities tend to come off as a gimmick, but these Instrument Racks run through VHS tape for Ableton Live hold up as very useful musical devices, which I have grown fond of in the limited amount of time I have spent with them.

Free Music Software

WOK Palm Speaker

Used on Radiohead’s Kid A and subsequent albums, the original Palme Diffuser features twelve strings, each tuned to one of the notes of a traditional chromatic scale.

The strings of the device, which resembles both a palm leaf and a lyre, produce unique sympathetic resonances.

Wok’s emulation of the idiosyncratic instrument can create otherworldly drones.

Twolegs Toneworks Presets for TAL-U-NO-LX

Twolegs Toneworks, known for their extensive libraries, makes some fantastic presets for the TAL Juno-60 Emulation. Push the limits of your TAL Juno-60 for free, with these 32 new settings.


Melodics teaches you how to play keys and finger drum on any MIDI keyboard or pad-based controller. Ableton has teamed up with Melodics to help you learn melody and harmony, with free lessons covering house chords, techno basslines, trap leads, and much more.

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