17 of the Coolest Wandre Guitars and Basses on Reverb

For those of us who gravitate towards the odd and obscure when it comes to vintage guitars, those from Wandre—built in Italy between 1957 and roughly 1969—hold a special place.

Designed by Wandre Pioli, Wandre guitars were mostly made with aluminum necks and predated brands like Travis Bean in their use of the material by more than a decade. Combined with their peculiar shapes and vibrant finishes, Wandres are often seen as art in guitar format despite their generally well-regarded playability. And while this aesthetic-forward mindset may be the norm in today's world of high-end boutique lutherie, it wasn't exactly commonplace in 1961.

Today, original Wandres are rare specimens indeed, yet for some reason, we've seen an awful lot of excellent examples hit the pages of Reverb. Below are some of our favorites—click on the images to see more via the individual listings.

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