Supro Shootout: Vintage Tremo-Verb vs. New Tremo-Verb 1622RT

A who’s who of the most well-known guitarists in the world used classic Supro amps in the ‘60s, from Jimi Hendrix to Jimmy Page. Known for its unique signal chain, in which the tube-driven tremolo comes after the reverb to produce that highly sought wobbly, melodic tremolo, the vintage Supro Tremo-Verb has been reissued by Supro just last year during NAMM ’14, to much buzz and many wondering whether these new Supros were worthy of the name.

Though the reissue was obviously modeled very precisely after the vintage Tremo-Verb, it has a few modern appointments, like separate treble and bass controls as well as sturdier build. Supro maintains their signature signal path, placing the trem after the reverb, but tonal differences are apparent between the two in terms of low-end.

But here’s the million dollar question: do they sound equally great? If not, which sounds better? Watch the shootout for more information on both the vintage Supro Tremo-Verb and the 2014 reissue and to hear both in action so you can make the decision for yourself. Which do you prefer? Do you think the new Tremo-Verb stacks up against the vintage model? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Supro 1622RT Tremo-Verb Specs:

  • 1 x 10” all-tube combo, CR10 speaker
  • 25 watt Class-A power
  • All-tube reverb
  • Output-tube tremolo
  • 19 7/32” x 9 7/16” x 14”
  • 30 lbs
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