Stomps & Synths: Earthquaker Devices + Moog Sub 37

While the pedal explosion of the past decade has been closely associated with guitars, most effects do in fact gel just as well with synths. Whether you're an analog purist with a Moog or a newcomer with a digital Casio, adding a few choice pedals between the keyboard and the amp is an easy way to turn a basic sound into something new and more complex synth signals into something truly out of this world.

Check out the video above for a thorough exploration of how a cast of pedals from Earthquaker Devices combine with a Moog Sub 37 analog synth to form a whole galaxy of unique tones. Like diving into the controls of analog synth itself, tweaking the many knobs that come with a pedal array takes the oscillating source in thousands of potential directions and help form the very crux of the song or jam session. In this regard, modulation pedals like vibrator and phaser are a natural pairing with a synth. When dealing with monophonic synths especially, it also always helps to add some depth and space to the sound, which can also be enhanced via fuzz and distortion, as well as reverb and delay.

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