St. Vincent Plays the "Star-Spangled Banner" for NFL Commercial

The NFL recently capitalized on the patriotic atmosphere of the summer to build anticipation for its 2016-17 season this fall with a primetime Olympic commercial spot. It wasn't surprising that they chose to play the national anthem over a montage of stadium and player preparation.

What surprised many was the artist they chose to provide the cover: St. Vincent.

Coming from a league built on masculinity, we were delighted to see the NFL pick a woman for her talent - and not her appearance - to stoke the fans' emotions. But as an NFL fan herself, she's not exactly coming in as an outsider.


Besides, Annie Clark knows a thing or two about navigating an industry dominated by men. Her guitar playing on the recent self-titled St. Vincent album and the earlier Strange Mercy are enough to get every last holdout to drop the "for a girl" qualifier after saying "she's a good guitarist."

She does not appear in the commercial (you can see the original here), but her playing can be heard loud and clear. We're kind of curious to see what NFL fans would think if she had been thrown into the montage wearing what she's wearing in the above interview, wielding that rad Ernie Ball signature guitar...

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