Song Stories: Graham Nash on "Teach Your Children"

"None of it makes sense. It's just music."

Or so legendary vocalist and songwriter Graham Nash recently told us, before a performance at the Old Town School of Folk Music here in Chicago.

The assessment seems accurate for Nash, who has served as a key member of several landmark ensembles over the years, yet professes to feeling somewhat squeamish about collaboration in the songwriting process.

But whatever his feelings about how his songs get written, his record stands strong, having written or co-written tunes with The Hollies, CSNY, and on half a dozen solo records starting with the fantastic Songs for Beginners from 1971.

When we met up with Nash, our focus turned to the CSNY classic, "Teach Your Children." In the video above, Nash discusses the motivations and origins for the song before treating us to an intimate performance.

In the video below, Nash elaborates on his thoughts on songwriting, his distaste for writing with other musicians, and other reflections on a truly remarkable career.

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