Shop Spotlight: Music City Pickers

Back in 2011, Brady Seals started selling gear out of his garage as a hobby. In 2012, he took his passion pro and opened his shop, Music City Pickers, in Franklin, TN. Music City Pickers was one of the first shops to list inventory on the Reverb the marketplace. Brady recalls, “We put up a couple of things just to see if somebody would bite – and somebody bought.”

Brady elaborates on the Reverb selling experience, “When it comes to being a used dealer, like we are, the buying is always the hardest part. So it’s awesome to be able to go on Reverb and be able to see deals. And being able to make an offer, you can get to the middle where both parties are satisfied. And it’s always so easy on [Reverb].”

Music City Pickers looks to Reverb not just as an integral selling tool for their business, but also an outstanding tool for sourcing used and vintage gear. Brady Seals knows that he can find reasonably priced inventory on Reverb and sell it in his store for a profit.

Seals continues, “We really have gotten to the point now to where the majority of what we do is on Reverb because, first of all, the customer service there is awesome. When you come on to Reverb and you see it and feel it – you literally feel like you’re in a basement about to rock somebody’s ears off! We just think that’s cool.”

“It’s a really good way for us to showcase what we need to locally, but sell nationally and even internationally through Reverb.”

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