Shootout: Fulltone OCD vs its IK Multimedia AmpliTube Module

When you think of Fulltone, you might think of their highly respected analog effects like the perennial best-seller OCD overdrive and the highly coveted Solid State Tape Echo. When you think of IK Multimedia, it's software that comes to mind. Their popular AmpliTube suite offers an extensive collection of amp and effect models in plugin or standalone software formats.

Both brands have their rabid fan bases, but given their rather disparate approaches to tone creation, they aren't exactly at the top of the list of gear makers you'd expect to overlap a whole lot.

With the release of the IK Fulltone Collection, though, that's exactly what's going down.

This new AmpliTube collection offers faithful digital recreations of the aforementioned OCD and SSTE, along with Fulltone's TERC ("That 80's Rack Chorus!") circuit.

Take a look at the video above to hear just how close the IK version gets to the original OCD sound. As Fulltone founder and designer, Mike Fuller, put it:

"Being mainly a tape, transistor and tube guy, I was extremely wary to delve into "plugins." I felt like I had to hate them, because it seemed impossible to me that you could digitally capture the nuances and quirks of a TERC bucket brigade chip 3-engine analog chorus, the Solid State Tape Echo, and the very unique OCD.

But these IKM guys are serious. We spent over a year going back and forth, painstakingly poring over every aspect of the personalities of these very dear-to-my-heart Fulltone products.

This final Fulltone Collection has not only the DNA but the heart and soul of their 'real world' counterparts."

For the next month on Reverb, IK is hooking up a special deal on AmpliTube 4 with the Fulltone Collection, package for a reduced price of $149.99, down from a normal total of $209.99. Better still, we're giving away a 12 Amplitube 4/Fulltone Collection bundles and one grand prize Amplitube MAX/Fulltone Collection bundle over the next month.

IK Fulltone Collection & Amplitube 4 Buy the Bundle on Reverb
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