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sr king seller spotlight

If you’ve been buying and selling pedals on Reverb lately, chances are you’ve encountered SR King and his constantly rotating bevy pedals and other deals. SR is a quintessential Reverber (Reverbian? Reverberite?). He’s had a ton success buying and selling guitar gear, and we recently asked him to shed some light on his tricks for turning gear online.

You've had a ton sales on Reverb. What's your key to buying and selling gear online?

One thing I do is I refurbish everything that comes through my hands. I also think that taking good pictures and supplying the buyer with as much information as possible has helped a great deal.

It's easy to get jaded and assume everyone knows what a TS9 or a Dyna Comp sounds like, but the truth is most of the people buying them are new to it because this gear lasts a long time and if you're using a Dyna Comp, you're not going to be buying another for a very long time.

What do you like about Reverb over other venues to buy and sell?

The format is super simple and I love that I can drop a demo video right in the ad. It's also nice to be able to communicate easily with the potential buyer. It’s a good feeling when you know exactly what your customer is looking for or needs, and that they're going to be happy with their purchase before their order is even complete. That experience is one that's been missing since online shopping started.

"I feel like my store is an extension of everyone else’s store, and part of something much bigger than any of us are on our own!"

Also, I've gotten to know a lot of folks at other shops through Reverb like Bryan at Dave's Guitar Shop, Mike at Vick Audio, Tom at Brickhouse, John at JMcMule's Shop, Ike at Flipside, Joey at Bluesairmen Guitars, Matt at KaneHasPedals and all the guys at Chicago Music Exchange to name just a few. It's like a freakin' guitar shop outlet mall. It's like family. I feel like my store is an extension of everyone else’s store, and part of something much bigger than any of us are on our own!

What sort of gear do you gravitate towards?

Effects pedals mainly. I try to buy pedals that are no longer available like the Ibanez 9 series, analog MIJ Boss pedals, limited edition stuff and pedals from smaller companies like Dwarfcraft Devices, who make some really cool gear. And then, of course, there’s the standards like the TS-9, Blues Driver etc

What got you into the gear slinging game?

Just simply the desire to try out new gear. I've always had limited funds so I generally had to sell something in order to get something else. (I also took advantage of those no questions asked return policies). I learn a lot about gear along the way, and listened very closely in order to decide what stayed and what got sold in order to acquire the next piece of gear.

What’s your holy grail piece of grail you'd love to get your hands on?

An Olympic White '62 Fender Stratocaster, without doubt.

What's one piece you've sold you wish you still had in your arsenal?

There have been many. I had to sell my first really nice guitar to pay my rent once, a mid-’90s American-made EMG loaded '57 Stratocaster Reissue (I only got $500 for it from a guitar store, but I needed the money & I needed it fast, that still stings.)

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