Roland's TM-1 Trigger Module: A Simple Entryway to Hybrid Drumming

Say you're a hip-hop drummer that wants to bring deep, sub-bass kick sounds to your live performances. Or a rock drummer that's taken a liking to a reverb-drenched snare in your recordings and want the same echoey smack from the stage: enter the world of hybrid drumming.

But where, exactly, do you begin? Do you have to bring a laptop on stage? Should you buy a full set of hoop-mounted triggers or a percussion sample pad? There are a wealth of options.

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module

At NAMM, Roland announced the TM-1 Trigger Module, which it is calling "the easiest way to get started with the power of hybrid drums." Expected to retail for $159, it's an affordable first step. And if you really are just getting started, here's a brief explanation of what it will entail:

You can buy some of Roland's RT-series of hoop-mounted triggers or single trigger pads and connect two of them to the TM-1. As your module, the TM-1 will hold all of your samples in its memory, which you can load through the USB port. It comes with software, so that you can edit the samples easily before transferring them to the TM-1. And it comes equipped with the sounds of 15 different drum kits if you want to begin with the included sound library.

The TM-1 makes it easy for you to assign the signal from your triggers or pads to any given sample stored in the Trigger Module. And when you hit a pad or one of your acoustic drums with an attached trigger, Roland promises the TM-1 will "play with your preferred sample layered on top in perfect sync, with no lag whatsoever."

Check back soon for availability. Or check out this article if you want to learn more about incorporating samples into your live act. For all the new product releases coming out of this year's NAMM convention, see our ongoing NAMM 2019 coverage.

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