Roland Announces 4 New System-500 Eurorack Modules

Ahead of this week's Superbooth 2018 synth convention in Berlin, Roland has announced an expansion of its System-500 Eurorack range with four brand new modules: the SYS-505 voltage-controlled filter, SYS-510 synth voice, SYS-531 mixer, and SYS-555 utility module.

These new modules are joining the existing System-500 range that Roland released in 2015, which marked the company's entry into the Eurorack market. The System-500 was released as a complete set made up of five modules—including the 521 filter, 530 amplifier, 540 envelope generator, and 572 phase shifter, delay, and LFO—inspired by classic vintage modulars of the '70s, like the System 100m and System-700.

As of this writing, Roland hasn't given any information on release date or price. What Roland did release are four dedicated demo videos that give a solid overview of each of the new modules coming out this year. Take a look below, and continue to check back to Reverb News for more highlights from Superbooth 2018.

Roland SYSTEM-500 505:VCF Module Overview

The SYS-505 filter module is based off of the same filter in a beloved Roland monosynth, the SH-5, giving players the opportunity to essentially repurpose that filter in a Eurorack format.

Roland SYSTEM-500 510:SYNTH Module Overview

The SYS-510 module features an oscillator with three waveforms, a VCF and VCA both with two inputs, and a low-pass filter with hi-pass switches.

Roland SYSTEM-500 531: MIX Module Overview

The SYS-531 features six high-quality outputs, each with a level slider, pan knob, and performance-friendly mute button.

Roland SYSTEM-500 555: LAG / S&H Module Overview

The SYS-555 utility module features ring modulation, versatile sample and hold, LFO with internal ENV and VCA, and two CV-controlled portamento circuits.

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