Robert Plant Fuels Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors

Rumors of a forthcoming Led Zeppelin reunion intensified today as Robert Plant's official website went black save for the words "Any time now…" in plain white letters across the homepage.

This ambiguous message from Plant's camp follows a week of speculation stemming from a post on a blog called Feel Numb which claimed to have insider information on a potential Zep set at the 2017 edition of the Desert Trip Festival.

"Rumor has it they turned down a reported $14 million payday to play at last year's festival and that this year there are 'millions and millions' of more reasons why they should do it," says Feel Numb. "Sources tell me [Plant] has finally agreed to do it because of the impending 50-year anniversary of Led Zeppelin."

While this year's Desert Trip has yet to be confirmed, last year's fest, which took place in Indio, California, included performances by Neil Young, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney. Given these recent participants, a Led Zeppelin set would certainly fit the bill.

Led Zeppelin's last public performance was in London in 2007 with Jason Bonham on drums.


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