"Rigs of Dad" Auctioning Pedal to Benefit Family of Bassist Caleb Scofield

The metal and sludge world lost a true innovator last week with the untimely passing of Caleb Scofield, who died following an auto collision with a toll booth in his native New Hampshire. The bassist and vocalist was known for his work in Cave In, as well as Zozobra and Old Man Gloom.

In the time since, many in the metal community have poured out remembrances of Caleb, while a memorial fund to benefit his wife and their two children has been established through the website YouCaring. At the time of writing this post, the fund has reached a sum of more than $94,000.

As an extension of this fundraiser, the team behind the popular Instagram account Rigs of Dad are currently auctioning a pedal enclosure that was built for them by Fuzzrocious as part of an April Fools joke. The bidding for the pedal, called the Fuzzrocious Smooth Daddy Driver, is still live on Reverb now.


Hey guys, real talk... my main goal with these pages has always been to laugh and have a good time; but every so often I feel compelled to "break character" or set jokes aside... Sadly that usually coincides with the loss of a truly great musician. I don’t expect everyone who follows this page to know who Caleb Scofield was, or know much about his music, but this dude was a legend. Sincerely speaking, his style and tone was nothing short of awe inspiring... I have spent years "playing bass" for bands; and I use quotes because, in reality, I always felt like I was simply trying everything I could within my power to just replicate Caleb’s sound. Some people have their Slash, their Hendrix, their Tom Morello, and so on down the list of guitar gods... for me Caleb Scofield was one of those names. Cave In was a game changer of a band. Old Man Gloom might still reign supreme as the heaviest live band of all time. Zozobra is pure face melting magic. Can’t tell you how many bassists I know that play the bridge to "Trepanning" during soundcheck (myself included)... Caleb’s riffs are like a secret handshake amongst thunder pushers. His loss was felt by friends, bands, and fans across the globe. More than anything, his loss is unquestionably hardest on the band that is most important in Caleb’s life: the young and beautiful Scofield family. Having said all that... I got an overwhelmingly weird amount of people that didn’t pick up on the joke part of the April Fools joke pedal: The Smooth Daddy Drive. It is an empty enclosure, but I am sure Ryan can put something mind-blowingly awesome in it. For every bit of inspiration Caleb gave me, I can only imagine it fell tenfold on the @fuzzrocious family, where he was a friend, a collaborator, and a mentor. It is now on sale at Reverb to the highest offer, or to whomever pays $1500. ALL proceeds will go directly to the Caleb Scofield Memorial fund... the link for that is in my bio. If you want the pedal, simply search for the "Fuzzrocious Smooth Daddy Driver" on REVERB and make an offer... highest bid saves the day. Take care of each other. Be kind. Thanks for reading... Thanks for being a part of this.

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As you can see on the post above, Caleb was a hugely influential player within his community, and a musician whose absence will be felt by many.

Click here to view and bid on the auction for this pedal, or go directly to the YouCaring page if you wish to donate directly to the memorial fund.

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