Rich Robinson Is Selling Over 80 Pedals in His Official Reverb Shop

Back in July, Rich Robinson—former member of The Black Crowes and current leader of The Magpie Salute—sold a number of guitars, basses, and other pieces of gear from his personal collection through The Official Rich Robinson Reverb Shop. Today, he's added more than 80 effects pedals—from a Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face to a Moog Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser—and they're all available right now.

Befitting the diverse tones of Robinson's bands and solo projects, Rich's collection is wide and eclectic. It includes top-shelf vintage and boutique brands, as well as inexpensive classics and utility units. For fans hoping to own a piece of Rich Robinson's tonal legacy, there are many options.

Mu-Tron Bi Phase
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere
Moog Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser

There's a Roger Mayer Page-1 fuzz pedal, based on a circuit originally built for Jimmy Page, as well as a Roger Mayer Octavia, the fuzz octave pedal Jimi Hendrix famously used for "Purple Haze" and "Fire." And there's also a Danelectro Daddy O Distortion, a DOD Echo FX96, and a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah.

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah
Roger Mayer Rocket FX Octavia
Roger Mayer Page-1 Drive

Unfortunately, 2012's Hurricane Sandy flooded Robinson's storage space in Nashville, damaging part of Robinson's collection, so some items in his Reverb shop, including the Moogerfooger mentioned above, a vintage Mu-Tron Bi Phase, and others are non-functioning. Before buying, be sure to check the condition on any listing in the shop.

Danelectro Daddy O Distortion
DOD Echo FX96
Way Huge Havalina Germanium Fuzz

To see everything available in The Official Rich Robinson Reverb Shop, click here.

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