Rich Robinson Is Selling Guitars, Amps, and Drums from His Collection on Reverb

Rich Robinson—former member of The Black Crowes and current leader of The Magpie Salute—is selling pieces from his gear collection on Reverb, starting now. To browse everything on offer, click here to go straight to the shop.

Rich Robinson formed The Black Crowes in the 1980s with his older brother, Chris, when the brothers were still in high school. The group saw a lot of success across multiple tours, eight studio albums, and four live albums until their official disbandment in 2015.

While not playing and touring with The Black Crowes, Robinson wrote, recorded, and toured with a variety of his own projects and contributed his playing to other artists' records, like Patti Smith's 2007 release Twelve. Most recently, in 2016, Robinson started the group The Magpie Salute along with former Black Crowes members Marc Ford, Sven Pipien, and Eddie Harsch.

Just in time for The Magpie Salute's debut album—High Water I—set for release on August 10, fans of Robinson can head over to the Official Rich Robinson Reverb Shop to pick up a piece of gear from the musician's own collection. Filled with electric and acoustic guitars, a sitar, and even a few drums, the shop features a little something for everyone.

Teye Mother of Pearl
2 Aguilar DB750 & Furman Power Supply

Electric players have a lot to choose from, with highlights including a Fender Telecaster Burst, a Freedom Custom double-neck, a 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, and a vintage 1973 Telecaster Bass. Meanwhile, acoustic and folk instrument players will be happy to see offerings like the 2016 Gibson J-100, Sargent Sitar, and sarod (complete with carrying case).

Fender Telecaster Bass
James Trussart Steelmaster

It's not all stringed instruments, though, with Robinson's shop also featuring a couple of road cases, a Fender Twinolux "Eric Clapton" amp, and even a Sonor 22-inch Delight kick drum and 16-inch floor tom. To check out the rest of gear Rich Robinson has on offer in his shop, be sure to click the banner below.

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