Reverb Soundcheck: Social Distortion's Jonny Two Bags

Social Distortion is becoming something of a durable punk institution after breaking into the scene in the early ‘80s and landing two gold records in the early ‘90s. Their refreshed lineup includes the tone-conscious Jonny “Two Bags” Wickersham, who was generous enough to share some of his gear love with us before their recent Riot Fest set in Chicago.

Simplicity is the guiding principle behind Jonny’s gear choices. His go-to setup is usually a ‘57 Les Paul Junior into an overdrive into a Satellite head on top of a Marshall 4x12 cab. Single P-90, single pedal, single volume and tone knobs on the amp. You have to admit, there’s a certain beauty to it. Being a tone hound, however, you know he has more than one tool. Jonny’s other touring guitars include an early ‘50s Tele, an Asher Ultra Tone T Deluxe, and his own Echo Park Jonny Two Bags Signature model. This last one also uses a single P-90 near the bridge with a sweet Valco-meets-Les-Paul-Junior vibe.

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