Reverb Sites, Our Easy-to-Use Website Builder, Gets New Features

We launched Reverb Sites to give any seller the ability to create a professional, easy-to-use website. Thanks to feedback from our awesome users, we’re excited to announce a batch of new features that make Reverb Sites even better.

New Features

Create a Hand-Picked Listing Collection

Select a collection of listings to display on your Reverb Site. Listing collections are great for displaying a small set of listings that aren't quite large enough of a set for their own listing grid. Get creative with listing collections like: “New Arrivals,” “Iconic Guitars,” “Staff Picks.”

For a step-by-step guide, read our "How-To: Add and Customize a Listing Collection" tutorial.

Add Components To Your Listing Pages

Add additional components to the product listing pages and they will show below your listing information. Items added will show on all listing pages.

For a step-by-step guide, read our "How-To: Add Components to Your Listing Pages" tutorial.

Add Advanced Product Filters to Custom Pages

Want to show a specific category or only show listings under a certain price? Sites users can now manage advanced product filtering for listing grids featured on custom pages. This gives users the ability to display narrowed results on a page while maintaining an SEO friendly page URL. For example, you can now create a branded page for “Semi-Hollow Body Guitars from the 60’s” with a url like:

For a step-by-step guide, read our "How-To: Add and Customize Listing Grid" tutorial.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Reverb Sites users now have the ability to trigger specific events with third-party integrations using Google Tag Manager. For example, you can trigger a MailChimp newsletter pop up form to appear once a new user opens up your site (or navigates to leave!). Google Tag Manager can also be used for tracking and analytics on websites, making your website an e-commerce powerhouse. Check out our help article, How-To: Install Google Tag Manager and Generate Container ID" to get started.

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