Reverb Picks: Offbeat SGs

There's been a definite uptick in players gravitating towards the SG the past few years. There's a strong collector's market for '60s Specials, Juniors and Standards, and we see plenty of newer SGs come and go on Reverb all the time. Check out these recently posted SGs and SG-style guitars that go beyond the normal Cherry and Black fare.

Modified Gibson 1996 SG-I

Modified 1996 SG-I

Listed at $650 or best offer

This single pickup SG-I has a few interesting mods. The original uncovered humbucker has been swapped for a '57 Classic, and a kill switch has replaced the original phase control. I, for one, think that mirror pickguard is pretty slick.

Ampeg STUD GE-100 1970s


Listed at $695 or best offer

Sure, this Ampeg STUD isn't a real SG per se, but it still sports those sharp horns, beveled edges, and a pair of humbuckers. These guitars were produced for Ampeg in Japan in the mid-'70s: think lawsuit era Ibanez and Electra. This guitar has a firm Maple fretboard with spiffy block inlays.

Gibson SG Classic Heritage Cherry

”Gibson SG Classic Heritage Cherry

Listed at $795 or best offer

Maybe this SG isn't that offbeat, but it's still a great deal on an icon. Gibson doesn't make the SG Classic anymore, but this model featured binding on the fretboard with a pair of P-90 pickups. This particular SG Classic packs a pair of upgraded Loller P-90s: some of the best vintage-sounding pickups around.

Aria SG 1980's Natural Maple

”Aria SG 1980's Natural Maple

Listed at $649 or best offer

Built under the Aria brand, this is another Japanese-made offbrand SG. Like the Ampeg STUD this is a Maple-based guitar with a cool retro vibe.

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