Reverb Picks: Nate's Top Snares

Nate Bauman recently join our team here at Reverb. Nate’s a drummer (which we don’t hold against him too strongly) and was eager to jump on the GAS Tank blog to share some of his picks for the coolest snares on Reverb, and where to use them.

Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5"x 14"

Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5"x 14"

Listed at $599

For the Studio

In 2008, I was introduced the infamous black beauty at Rax Trax Studios in Chicago by owner Rick Barnes. I was being stubborn and insisting on using my snare, although it sounded terrible when recorded. The snare I brought sounded great live, but as soon as we swapped in the black beauty, it was game over. The attack and tone cut through and it's now the only snare I will ever use in the studio.

Yamaha 6.5" x 14" Steel Snare Drum

Yamaha 6.5" x 14" Steel Snare Drum

Listed at $324 or best offer

On Stage

In 1999, I was in middle school and obsessed with Jimmy Chamberlin and the Smashing Pumpkins. This was the during the time Jimmy had just rejoined the band and was playing out live and recording with this massive Yamaha kit that must have had 20 pieces. His snare tones and pitch were considerably lower than his previous recordings and after some poking around, I discovered it was a steel snare drum being used. I went to the local shop in Kalamazoo and grabbed a steel Yamaha and have been playing it live ever since.

Initially, I thought to achieve that low Bonham-esque tone, the snare would have to be at least 7 inches deep. Not that case at all. Tighten up that bottom head a ton, especially the four tension rods directly to the left and right of the snares. Keep the top head just tight enough to get some good action for your ghost notes and you're all set.

PDP 20 Ply Bubinga Maple Snare Drum

PDP 20 Ply Bubinga Maple Snare Drum

Listed at $219.99

At Rehearsal

At some point in time, you should naturally be curious about playing and owning a massive snare drum. I did and I still want to keep going bigger. Sitting down with one of these is a riot. They feel big and they sound big, not to mention they look absolutely beautiful. I've tried them live and in studio, but still nothing compares to working out your chops on one of these. Be prepared to play things you've never played and to surprise yourself. It will provoke things in your playing that have been stored way back in some arsenal of subconscious beats and rudiments.

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