Polyend Displays 3 New Eurorack Modules, Expanded Medusa at Superbooth

Polyend has announced three new Eurorack modules—the Poly 2, Preset, and Anywhere—debuting each at today's Superbooth convention in Berlin alongside their new Medusa v2. The new modules each in their own way seek to expand the capabilities and, really, the playability of your existing rig.

The Poly 2 is an expansive MIDI-to-CV module that's built to work alongside Polyend's Seq step sequencer and other MIDI-equipped devices.

At 14HP, it's slightly smaller than the first Poly but offers more configurations and allows up to eight voices at a time. You can hook up sequencers, pad controllers, or keyboards—or connect to your DAW—to utilize separate modules or patterns as you see fit. Expected ship date is later this summer.

The Preset, meanwhile, allows you to make preset patches out of your modular system. You can store and trigger up to nine output voltages at any given time, allowing you to set pitch, modulate, or otherwise interact with other modules in your rig.

But the Preset's saving and recalling capabilities go far beyond just nine outputs. With 32 banks capable of storing 32 parameter settings, you can set and play a wide array of patterns and sounds across your rig, in essence making your system into 32 instruments, playable by the Preset's 4x8 pad interface.

The last new module is the Anywhere, an interface for a portable battery pack, letting you power your rig with an off-the-shelf portable battery and play it outlet-free for at least a few hours.

Finally, the Medusa digital/analog hybrid synth and sequencer the company built in collaboration with Dreadbox, is getting a v2 firmware update that promises smoother grid control, better sequencing, and more refined features.

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