"Patch & Tweak" Author to Launch "Pedal Crush" Book on Kickstarter

[UPDATE: Bjørn's Pedal Crush Kickstarter campaign is now live. Click here to check it out and show your support.]

Kim Bjørn has issued two acclaimed books on synthesizers. The first, Push Turn Move, looks at the interface designs and construction techniques of synths and drum machines. The second, co-written by Learning Modular's Chris Meyer, is Patch & Tweak, which explores the world of modular synthesizers. When both projects first hit Kickstarter, the campaigns were fully funded in a flash. And since their release, they've become modern classics.

On Tuesday, March 26, Bjørn is launching the Kickstarter campaign for a brand-new book, Pedal Crush, that turns his careful eye to the effects pedal community. The book will feature hundreds of pedals, more than 40 interviews with builders and artists, and tips on how to use different effects.

Kim Bjørn's announcement video for the Pedal Crush Kickstarter campaign.

While pedals are mostly thought of as tools for guitarists and bass players, Bjørn is widening his approach to the subject. Keyboard players, producers, DJs, and more will be able to learn how to apply effects to their instruments of choice.

"It's the first ever book to explore stompboxes as a creative tool for all kinds of musicians," he says.

It will cover not only hardware units, but software pedal programs as well. Interview subjects will include builders behind well-loved brands like Chase Bliss Audio, Death By Audio, EarthQuaker Devices, and more.

The hardcover book will be more than 350 pages long, with vibrant pictures and illustrations. Go to the Pedal Crush website and sign up with your email address to be notified as soon the Kickstarter campaign launches on March 26.

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