Paiste Announces the 2002 Extreme Crash and Signature Alloy 30th Anniversary Models

Paiste originally made its 2002 line of cymbals in 1971 to help drummers be heard amid the increasingly loud din of rock bands. Decades later, there's still plenty of loud, heavy music being made, sometimes at volumes that would have made the earliest metal acts of the '70s shudder.

2002 Extreme Crash

To ensure that cymbals can still cut through the mix, Paiste is introducing the 2002 Extreme Crash. Available in 18", 19", and 20" sizes, Paiste says they "explode with a bright, cutting attack and resolve into a warm, immense crash sound that dominates even in the very loudest music."

Looking back to the 1989 introduction of Paiste's Signature Alloy family of cymbals—which grew to include the Signature Traditional and Signature Dark Energy models— the company is launching a series of 30th anniversary models, re-launches, and special editions this year.

The first of many Signature Alloy releases are the brand-new Fast Crash cymbals, available in 19" or 20". They're joined by the all-purpose 22" Full Ride, the 20" Mellow Ride, and the 15" Dark Energy Hats. Paiste is also relaunching its Signature Mellow Crashes—which it describes as "warm, low, soft crashes with crisp attack and fast fade"—in 16", 17", and 18" versions.

Signature Fast Crash 19"
Signature Full Ride 22"
Signature Mellow Ride 20"

Like the 2002 line, the Signature cymbals are handmade, "using traditional methods that have remain unchanged in over half a century," according to Paiste. Check back soon for availability. For all the latest product releases and news coming out of NAMM 2019, check out our ongoing coverage here

Signature Dark Energy Hats 15"
Signature Mellow Crash 18"
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