Nils Lofgren Set to Recover Touring Guitars Stolen From His Van This Past Weekend

It was a dramatic weekend for E Street Band mainstay and Reverb shop alum Nils Lofgren. On tour in Texas, Nils put out a tweet on Friday reporting the robbery of a set of instruments from his van. The stolen instruments included three Takamine acoustics, a Fender Stratocaster, and a 33-string Harp made by Lyon and Healy.


A touring veteran of the highest order, Mr. Lofgren was not about to let the theft ruin his gig at the Kessler Theater that night. Calling on old friend and North Texas resident Howard Kweller—father of musician Ben Kweller—Nils borrowed a loaner instrument or two and carried out the performance as scheduled.

Late last night, though, the story took a more hopeful turn when Nils and his wife, Amy, tweeted about the possible return of the instruments.


While the instruments are not yet in Nils' hands, they appear to be on the way. We will update this story with any news from the Lofgren camp.

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