Meinl Releases Hand-Hammered Byzance Foundry Reserve Cymbals

Meinl has hearkened back to earlier eras of cymbal-making to bring its new Byzance Foundry Reserve line of cymbals to fruition.

Each cymbal is hand-hammered in addition to being fully lathed, a combination that "produces a clear, dry stick-attack note over a lush bed of low undertones," according to Meinl. The limited collection promises to be sonically rich as well as visually striking.

A full range of cymbals are available: 14" or 15" hi-hats, an 18" crash, 20" or 22" rides, and a 20" or 22" light ride.

Byzance Foundry Reserve Cymbals

Watch Meinl's announcement video below to hear all the cymbals in action.

Meinl Cymbals - Byzance Foundry Reserve
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