Marshall Releases a Line of "Rock N Roll" Craft Beer

Marshall—the legendary manufacturer that helped bring towering backlines of full-stack amplifiers to rock stages—is now giving you the chance to stack towering, Marshall-branded empties alongside them.

Hoping that you'll "drink loud" and "drink responsibly," the company has partnered with Scotland's William Bros. Brewing Co. to create the new Rock N Roll Craft Beer.

According to Marshall, the three high-volume microbrews are crafted to "be enjoyed with music." The lineup includes the Amped Up Lager (4.6% ABV), the Full Stack IPA (6.8% ABV) and, if you're ready to crank it up to 11, the triple blonde: Jim's Treble (an 8.6% ABV).

Whether these strange brews will help you achieve your rock star dreams has yet to be confirmed, but in the meantime, drinkers can stock up on these stacks and find out.

All three beers are currently available only in the UK through the Williams Bros. online shop, but if they become a chart-topping success, maybe we'll be seeing them available at venues worldwide sometime soon. And if your practice room or studio is in need of a mini-fridge to hold them, Marshall's already got you covered.

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