LR Baggs Releases "Align Series" Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedals

LR Baggs—the renowned maker of acoustic guitar pickups, microphone systems, and preamps—has created a new line of pedals specifically designed for acoustic guitars. And Reverb's Joe Shadid recently had a chance to demo them all.

The Align series includes four pedals: the pedalboard-friendly Align Active DI, the Align Session compressor and saturation pedal, the Align Equalizer, and the Align Reverb.

As Joe demonstrates in the video above, the Session and Equalizer hew closely to LR Baggs’ line of preamps, offering the ability to add saturation or color to your dry signal. While you can dial in your tone and let these pedals enrich your sound continuously, you can also use each pedal as a boost instead.

The Align Reverb is specifically tailored for acoustic instruments and can add a subtle, natural ambience to your plugged-in acoustic or give an exaggerated lushness to your playing.

Check out the video above for a full demonstration of these pedals in tandem, and click any of the following links to buy yours on Reverb today: Align Active DI, Align Session, Align Equalizer, and Align Reverb.

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