Looking Back on 2013

It's hard to believe that Reverb's very first year of operation is drawing to a close. In the span of one year, we've gone from a simple idea to the premiere place to buy and sell music gear online. We've seen an amazing community of musicians come together on our site, and owe a tremendous thanks to everyone who's bought, sold, or even just looked at a listing on Reverb.

Thanks for an incredible 2013. Here's to a 2014 where we all find the holy grail guitar, bass, pedal, mic, synth, snare, or whatever else it is we've been GASing after.

Looking back at the year, a lot has happened on the site. Here are a few takeaways.

Most Expensive Guitar Sold: This Minty '53 Telecaster

We're still waiting on someone to post a '50s Burst on the site, but one year in, this immaculate '53 Blackguard Telecaster was highest-dollar instrument to sell. Truly mint might be an understatement for this guitar, which sold for over $25,000.

Most Searched Word: "Telecaster"

Speaking of Telecaster, the single most commonly searched word on the Reverb marketplace was just that: Telecaster. And by a significant margin too. Does this mean that the Tele has supplanted the Strat and Les Paul as the true king of the 6 strings? Probably.

Most Popular Pedal: Ibanez Tube Screamer

This might be the age of the boutique pedal, but a tried-and-true classic takes it here. From road-ragged vintage beasts to contemporary TS-9s, hundreds of different Ibanez Tube Screamers have sold on Reverb this year. And that's not to mention all the Maxon models and countless boutique clones getting flipped.

Most popular independent pedal maker: Vick Audio

One of my absolute favorite things about Reverb is the amount of builders selling their hand-crafted marvels direct from their workshops. This is gear you simply cannot find anywhere else. Vick Audios' menagerie of classic-style, ultra-affordable stompboxes have been snatched by the armful. We did this interview here on the GAS Tank a few months ago. Be sure to check out the shop here.

Click here for even more handmade gear on Reverb.

Most Watched Item: This Modded Gretsch Corvette

Did you know you can watch listings on Reverb? If you watch a listing, you'll get an alert when the seller elects to drop the price by 10% or more, or when someone else submits an offer on it. The most watched item this year was a highly modded early '60s Gretsch Corvette. 77 people opted to watch this guitar before it got snagged up. Bet they wish they had pulled the trigger just a bit earlier.

Thanks again for making 2013 a fantastic first year for Reverb. Here's to 2014!

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