Learn to Play: Paradiddle-Diddle Drum Lesson with Jordan West

Last week, Jordan West taught us a fun 6/8 Latin beat—a paradiddle-like groove great for incorporating into your funkier jams. This week, Jordan is back with another paradiddle-focused lesson—this time, on how to play a paradiddle-diddle rudiment.

Because of its versatility, the paradiddle-diddle is one of the rudiments that Jordan turns to most often in her playing, incorporating it especially into quick fills. But before demonstrating a few such ways that she spreads the full-speed groove around her kit, Jordan first breaks down the sticking—right, left, right, right, left, left—and plays it slowly on the snare to give viewers a good luck.

Then, she demonstrates a couple of fun ways of using the rudiment dynamically—for instance, speeding it way up and moving your right hand to a tom or back and forth from multiple toms for a fill, or by playing as a groove on the snare and hi-hat or ride cymbal.

Follow along with Jordan's full lesson above for more examples of how you can incorporate the paradiddle-diddle into your own playing and stay tuned for another drum lesson next Thursday right here on Reverb.

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