Learn To Play: Fleetwood Mac's "Never Going Back Again"

"Never Going Back Again" is a great example of Lindsey Buckingham's acoustic work with Fleetwood Mac. Tuned to CGDGBE with a capo at the 6th fret, it highlights his innovative use of alternate tunings and solid fingerstyle picking to create textured movement, something that manages to be memorable while staying out of the way. For the millenials reading this that have never heard the song before, considered this required listening. The album it appeared on - 1977's Rumours - is the sixth-best selling album of all time, with over 40 millions copies sold around the world.

The Gear Of Lindsey Buckingham

While Buckingham is often seen playing a Taylor 814ce during live performances (and occasionally used an Ovation Celebrity in the past), he will forever be tied to the Rick Turner Model One. The guitar was the product of Buckingham's collaboration with Turner in 1979, and the model has continued production since, albeit in limited numbers.

The Rick Turner Model One CLBP, Buckingham's signature edition, includes a rotating coil humbucker and a piezo pickup, providing an interesting combination of tonal possibilities. It's a guitar that straddles the line between electric and acoustic, built with incredible attention to detail. Not everyone has the necessary $6k to play Buckingham's guitar, but any decent acoustic with a good pre-amp/DI (try Fishman, LR Baggs or AER) will put you in the right ballpark.

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