Learn to Play: Carter Beauford-Style Herta Drum Fill Lesson with Jordan West

A founding member and drummer for Dave Matthews Band, Carter Beauford is known for his expansive kits and fluid drumming style that incorporates ambidextrous drumming techniques to get around the kit. Complementing his open-handed style is a penchant for herta drum fills—the characteristic of his playing that Jordan West is going to be zeroing in on today.

At their core, herta drum fills are very simple hybrid rudiments that sound most impressive when they're sped up and moved around to different pieces of the kit—something that Beauford specifically does very well.

In the lesson above, Jordan breaks down the simple sticking pattern on the snare so that players can work on perfecting it first. Then, she demonstrates a few ways to split the fill up and work it into various grooves and drumming styles.

Be sure to watch the video above for the full lesson, and click here to check out more drum lessons from Jordan West.

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