John Mayer Reveals New Image of Strat-like PRS Model

Last April, footage circulated online of John Mayer playing a new Paul Reed Smith model with an unmistakably Strat-like body-shape at a concert in Boston. In the wake of Mayer's split with Fender, most commenters took the unveiling of the guitar as a signal that a full-production John Mayer Signature PRS model was in the works.

At the time, we confirmed with PRS that the guitar was in the prototype stages, yet, until now, no new information or images had been released.

Last night, however, Mr. Mayer posted a new image of the guitar via an Instagram story.

Judging by the finish, this is a different guitar than what was seen in April, indicating that the model is still in development and was not just a one-off build for the "Your Body Is A Wonderland" bluesman. Otherwise, the specs on both instruments appear to be the same with conventional Strat-style electronics and PRS' signature bird inlays visible on both.

Will PRS be releasing more information about a full production version of this design? We will have to wait and see.

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