JHS Announces Six-in-One Muff Circuit Muffuletta Pedal

Big Muff-based fuzz pedals have been around for decades, but the JHS Muffuletta may be the first to combine six different muff circuits into one stombpox. This fuzz box, which was announced by the Kansas City pedal firm earlier this week, relies on an entirely analog signal path without any digital processing to create its varied muff palette.

Included in this fuzz tone buffet are five classic Big Muffs along with a new JHS original take on the classic effect. Modes include replications of the Ram's Head, Pi, Civil War, Triangle, Russian muffs, all of which are widely celebrated by different players for their distinct tonal flavors.

The Muffuletta is available for pre-sale now and should be shipping shortly. For a taste of what the Muffuletta has in store, check out the video below from our pals at Chicago Music Exchange:

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