J. Geils Found Dead at 71 in Massachusetts Home

John Warren Geils Jr. was pronounced dead in his Groton, Massachusetts home around 4 p.m. today by authorities who stopped by for a wellness check. As is standard procedure in all unattended deaths, Groton Police Department is investigating, though there is no suspicion of foul play. A preliminary investigation supports that the death was from natural causes.

The J. Geils Band was best known for their 1980s chart–topping hits like "Love Stinks," "Centerfold," and "Freeze–Frame." Their 1980 album, Freeze–Frame, held Billboard's top position for four weeks, remaining on the chart for 70 weeks in total.

Groups like U2, the Eagles, and Billy Joel all opened for The J. Geils Band in the early '80s before the group disbanded in 1985. Starting in 1999, the group reunited for a few reunion shows here and there before the relationship soured. J. Geils left the band officially in 2012 and sued his bandmates for unlawfully using the trademarked band name and trying to go on tour without him.

Geils himself remained active in music, putting out a few albums with other groups. In the 2000s, he released a few solo records. His last record was titled Toe Tappin' Jazz and was released by North Star in 2009.

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