Intellijel Releases 2 New Eurorack Modules: Scales and Steppy

Although Intellijel didn't attend the NAMM show out in Anaheim this year, the brand is still managing to make the news for its release of two brand-new Eurorack modules today: the Scales and Steppy.

First, the Scales is a dual-channel note quantizer and step-sequencer. It features 35 scale patterns with plenty of room for users to create their own. Users can build and store up to 128 step sequences in an SH-101 style, and the Scales also features a second input allowing you to set up harmonic intervals. Players can then modulate that interval using the shift control. or change scales via CV.

Aphex of Scales

The next Eurorack module is called the Steppy, and it's a four-track, 64-gate step sequencer with eight memory slots—quite a few for such a compact unit. It's a super versatile module, with each track getting its own length, gate length, clock divider, swing setting, delay offset, and probability control. It can also be shifted forward and backward by its own number of steps.

As you can see in the video, you can program gates using the button grid or tap in live as the sequence is running. Players can mute and unmute tracks easily on the fly and in performance mode, a pair of steps can be looped together as well.

Tap Recording with Steppy 3U

Give the two new modules a listen in the videos above from Intellijel. To keep up with our ongoing NAMM coverage from the show in Anaheim, be sure to click on the orange banner below.

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