How to Maximize Your Reverb Sales During the Holidays

Reverb sellers can see as much as a 300 percent increase in the number of listing views and a 130 percent increase in their standard weekly order volume during the holidays. To get the most from your listings, there are a few best practices you should be putting to use.

Last week, Sebastian Fabal, Reverb's director of seller engagement, hosted a presentation called "Maximizing Your Reverb Sales During the Holidays." In it, he details how to raise your shop's exposure through site sales and Reverb Bump, offers tips for attracting and engaging with buyers, and discusses some lesser-known opportunities.

To hear all of Sebastian's presentation, watch the video below. Keep reading for a digest of the most important ways you can maximize your sales during the holiday season.

4 Big Takeaways for Holiday Sales

Drive Sales with the Basics

Apply what’s successful in-store to your Reverb shop.

  • List as much as you can before the holiday rush.
  • Evaluate your pricing:
  • Offer free shipping.
  • Evaluate pricing on used inventory (specifically listings over 6 months old).
  • Importance of customer service.
Promote Your Listings

Use Reverb Bump

  • More control over where you’re driving sales.
  • Only pay when your item sells.
  • Variety of premium placements.
Ship International
  • U.S. sellers sell millions each month to buyers outside of the United States.
  • The AOV for an international order is nearly double that of a domestic order.
  • Ship quickly and confidently with Reverb International Shipping Labels.
Participate in Site-Wide Sales

On average, Reverb Preferred Sellers have seen:

  • 130% increase in order volume.
  • 300% increase in the amount of listing views.
  • Up to 35% of their Q4 sales from Black Friday/Cyber Week Sale.

The Black Friday sale is ongoing, and there will be two more sales and additional promotions through the end of the year.

Follow these tips when participating in site-wide sales:

  • Know your margins.
  • Include everything you can.
  • Don’t limit yourselves to older, unsold listings.
  • Include “Watched” items.
  • Be responsive to prospective buyers.
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