Gibson Nods to "Shaggin' Wagons" with New Custom Boogie Van Les Pauls

Taking inspiration from the brightly painted "shaggin' wagons" of the 1970s, Gibson has released a new line of Custom Boogie Van Les Pauls.

The models feature a three-tone paint job reminiscent of racing stripes, coming in five different aptly named nitrocellulose finishes: A Squad, Street Race, Bell Bottom, Super Hero, and Stardust. Like a decked-out Econoline's shiny bumpers and hub caps, the guitars' ABR-1 bridge, tailpiece, control knobs, and switch washer are all glistening chrome.

While Gibson notes that both a resurgence in the popularity of '70s Les Pauls and the era's street vans are the basis for the "fun mash-up," at $4,999 USD, this joy ride isn't cheap.

A Squad
Street Race
Bell Bottom
Super Hero

Let us know what you think of the design in the comments.

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