German YouTuber Henning Pauly Launches Reverb Shop

German YouTube guitar nerd Henning Pauly is well-known for his rather long, yet entertaining and always informative gear reviews. With nearly 1,500 videos on his channel, Henning is a constant presence within the gear-related YouTube community.

And as you might expect, his collection of amps, pedals, guitars, and accessories—acquired over a lifetime of playing music and years of creating review videos—is enormous.

Now Henning has decided it’s time to make some space for new gear to come in.

His Reverb shop includes a selection of affordable pedals and accessories, but also high-end items from manufacturers like Orion, Keeley, Wampler, and many others.

TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler
Walrus Audio Bellwether Delay

As Henning says, "Most of what you see in my Reverb shop is brand new gear that has just been used for my YouTube reviews." So there are many pedals from well-loved brands like TC Electronic and Walrus Audio, guitars from D’Angelico and Fender, and more—most in excellent or mint condition. Fittingly, the listings also include review videos, where you can watch Henning try out your gear of choice.

D'Angelico EX-175
Fender Road Worn 50s Telecaster w/Fluence Pickups

Take a look at Henning’s shop, HP42’s Warehouse, and watch the video above in which he goes through the process of getting everything ready to go. True to fashion, Henning takes his time with it and makes some entertaining detours along the way. If you’re inspired to create a Reverb shop of your own, click here.

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