Gallery: Flag Day, Reverb Style

Flag Day is an American holiday commemorating the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the national flag all the way back on June 14, 1777. And since we here at Reverb welcome any opportunity to showcase interesting pieces of gear, we thought we'd take some time today to round up some of the many flag–themed pieces currently on the site.

While we could have just stuck to the good old red–white–and–blue, there were too many great flag–adorning instruments representing all corners of the world — many of which actually seem to say something about the country they represent.

The melodica, for instance, has been used frequently on reggae tracks ever since it was popularized by dub producer Augustus Pablo in the ‘70s, hence the rasta color scheme. Likewise, a Hofner violin bass featuring the Union Jack and an accordion wearing the Mexican flag are emblematic of their respective countries’ most popular music.

So without further ado, here’s a bunch of stuff you can buy on Reverb that has a flag on it.

Through its Box of Rocks series, ZVex offers its beloved pedal designs in one–of–a–kind, hand–painted enclosures. The Ringtone is one of the company’s zanier effects, but it’s not just ZVex’s freak flag that flies on this pedal.

Sweden is one of the major exporters of Scandanavian metal, called home by the likes of Opeth, Meshuggah, and Ghost. Naturally, there’s a Superstrat with active humbuckers sporting a Swedish flag.

The melodica has been a mainstay in reggae music ever since it was made famous by Augustus Pablo — one of the key innovators in the experimental strain of reggae known as dub.

What actually makes this Strat special isn’t its patriotic paint job, but it’s all–aluminum body, produced by Fender during a super limited run in the ‘90s.

The tumbadora is the largest of the congo drums used in Puerto Rican bomba and plena styles of dance music.

Paul McCartney made the Hofner violin–style bass famous during his Beatles days. It's perhaps the most iconic bass guitar of British rock music, despite Hofner being a German company.

Why is there a Texas flag on this ukulele? Great question.

It’s a sparkly drum kit with the American flag all over it.

The accordion is central to the Mexican Norteño style, which mixes the European Polka with the Mexican tradition of the Corrido, a genre of storytelling balladry.

The tamborim is one of the central percussion instruments to the samba rhythm section — the dance music of Brazil — and has found its way into cumbia as well.


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