Fender Sends Ryan Adams Two Keith-style Teles for Upcoming "Exile on Main St." Cover Show

Late last month, Ryan Adams announced that he would be performing a complete song-by-song cover set of the Rolling Stones classic Exile on Main St. at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans May 5.

The performance coincides with the city's annual Jazz Fest and features longtime Stones collaborator Don Was as musical director.

Naturally, covering the 18 songs that make up the original record is an ambitious undertaking and one that requires the proper equipment. According to an Instagram post by Mr. Adams yesterday, Fender has come through with exactly that, providing two decidedly Keith-esque Telecasters.

While Keith's famous Micawber Tele had a normal Tele-style tailpiece, these presumably custom shop-built guitars sport Bigsby tremolo systems. The pickup in the front position is clearly some sort of humbucker, which would match the Gibson PAF Humbucker Keith had installed on his Tele in 1972 during the original Exile tour.

Special Delivery from @fender for #exileonburbonstreet HELL YEA

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