Fender Releases 3 60th Anniversary Jazzmasters

With the beloved Jazzmaster turning 60 this year, Fender is celebrating in a big way with the release of three limited edition anniversary models: the '58 Jazzmaster, Triple Jazzmaster, and Classic Jazzmaster.

All three models are available on Reverb now.

Fender 60th Anniversary '58 Jazzmaster

As its name suggests, the 60th Anniversary '58 Jazzmaster pays homage to the very first Jazzmaster iteration that debuted in 1958. The anniversary model replicates the classic model's look and vibe, with the offset waist body finished in two-color sunburst, rosewood fingerboard (the original being the first Fender guitar to sport one), and double pickups.

Fender 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster

The 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster is finished in Daphne Blue and is packed with three humbucking pickups newly designed by pickup guru Tim Shaw. According to Fender's press release, the Triple "is an homage to the mod ethos that permeates Jazzmaster player circles."

Fender 60th Anniversary Classic Jazzmaster

Lastly, the 60th Anniversary Classic Jazzmaster model is inspired by the highly sought-after 1966 Jazzmaster, which was updated at the time with block inlays, a bound neck, and a painted headstock matching the body—all features that the anniversary model replicates. This model features two pickups like the original and is offered in multiple finishes: Daphne Blue, Black, Vintage Blonde, and Fiesta Red.

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