Fender American Professional Series Revealed

Today, Fender revealed the replacement for their recently discontinued American Standard Series models.

The new Fender American Professional Series updates the core models included in the old American Standard Series and adds three new models: the Tele Deluxe, Jazzmaster and Jaguar.

The new models are priced similarly to where the American Standard Series used to sit. You may be paying the same money, but the updates go beyond a simple facelift.

Here's a look at what has changed.

Updated Specs

Here is where the new American Professional models differ from the American Standard:

  • New neck shape. "Deep C" shape that's in between "Modern C" and "U" (except for Jazz Bass). All will have satin finishes.
  • New fret shape. Tall-Narrow instead of Medium Jumbo.
  • New pickups. V-Mod and redesigned Shawbuckers instead of Custom Shop offerings.
  • New circuitry. A treble-bleed circuit helps maintain tone at any volume.
  • New bridge designs. Don't worry - nothing drastic. See below for more info.
  • New nut material. Genuine bone instead of synthetic bone.
  • New molded case. An "elite" molded case with TSA-friendly latches.
  • New colors. Sonic Gray, Mystic Seafoam, Antique Olive, Butterscotch Blonde (Tele).

Fresh colors and slight changes to the nut, frets and neck shape don't really scream paradigm shift. But the change that players will undoubtedly remember for years to come will be the new pickups designed by none other than Tim Shaw.

The American Professional Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, and Jazzmaster are fitted with new V-Mod pickups. These single coils are made with a proprietary blend of alnico magnets, each one voiced specifically for its particular position. The American Professional Precision and Jazz Bass models implement the same V-Mod technology in split single-coil packages.

The Stratocaster HSS, Stratocaster HH, and Tele Deluxe models employ reimagined ShawBucker humbucking pickups, also specifically voiced for their position.

Changes described in press releases are one thing. Hearing these new Shaw-designed pickups in comparison to their peers is what we're all waiting for.

The Fender American Professional Models


Aside from the main American Pro model, the Strat will also come is HH, HSS and lefty configurations.

The only other model-specific change worth noting is that the vibrato arm will now be pop-in instead of screw-in.


The Tele will have a main American Pro model, a Tele Deluxe model with dual ShawBuckers, and a lefty model.

The bridge finally gets three compensated brass barrel saddles from the factory in a redesigned ashtray plate (six-screw mount) that aims to be better at staying out of the way.

Jazzmaster and Jaguar

Both models will get their own Shaw-designed V-Mod pickups, voiced for position and overwound for higher output. The Jaguar also gets new nickel-silver pickup claws and a 4-way pickup/phase switch.

Both models also get redesigned bridges with modified posts, brass Mustang saddles, and screw-in vibrato arms. How close this design gets to the magic of a Mastery bridge is yet to be seen.

Precision Bass

The American Pro P-Bass will have five-string and lefty versions right from the get-go. All models will feature the '63 P-Bass neck profile with a satin finish.

A vintage-style HiMass bridge also appears on all models along with new fluted tuners that force the string winds down and preserve an ideal break angle over the nut. Posiflex graphite rods have also been added under the fingerboard to provide additional stability.

Jazz Bass

The American Pro J-Bass will also come in five-string, lefty and fretless iterations. It is the only model that keeps the slimmer "Modern C" neck profile.

Like the American Pro P-Bass, it features a new HiMass bridge, fluted tuners and Posiflex graphite rods beneath the fingerboard.

Stay tuned for demos of the new Fender American Professional Series.

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