An Interview with Martper Guitars' Israel Peral

Israel Peral, owner of Martper Guitars, builds extraordinary guitars. His customized guitar bodies combine excellent metalwork and the precision of a mechanical watch. Peral has even built a DeLorean Fender Mustang inspired by the movie Back to the Future.

We talked to Israel about what inspires him, his creations, how his ideas develop, and the future of his company.

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Israel, what’s your story? How did you get where you are today?

My name’s Israel Peral and I’m from a town called Dos Hermanas, located in the province of Sevilla, Spain. Finding my calling in life was the result of a collection of circumstances. It was something unexpected until then and almost therapeutic.

Music has always been an important part of my life. My dad is a musician and I’ve been surrounded by musical instruments since I was a kid. Guitars were always the most attractive instruments to me.

I’ve been playing the guitar since I was eight years old, but I was never very consistent or committed to it. That’s why I haven’t been able to evolve and grow as a guitarist. However, in one way or another, I’ve always had a guitar by my side.

I have always been fascinated by arts and crafts, handicrafts, painting... Those are also some of my greatest hobbies. I’ve been good at all those things since I was a little boy. However, you can’t make the most of any talent in life if you’re not consistent and dedicated, just like I mentioned before when I talked about playing the guitar.

I wasn’t having a good day and I still wouldn’t be able to explain why, but I saw my old Maison bass from the corner of my eye and decided to transform it there and then. That was the moment when my two biggest hobbies came together.

I started with a saw, a drill, some pieces I had came in handy, I used some paint and... I created my first custom piece without realizing that I had.

That bass caused a stir. I posted a photo on Facebook and it got many likes and comments. One of the comments was from a guy who said he was interested in buying it but didn’t have any money. In exchange for the bass, he offered me three guitars that he had at home and wasn’t using.

What happened next could be considered an optimistic version of the fable of The Milkmaid and Her Pail. I transformed those three guitars and sold them. That allowed me to buy other guitars and more tools. People I had never met before were sending me new guitars and giving me permission to do whatever I wanted with them.

I then realized that people liked my work, and the best part was that customers trusted me, so I decided to turn it into a professional project and created the brand Martper Guitars.

Currently, there are Martper Guitars all around the world, in the hands of both amateurs and solo guitarists who play for world-renowned bands.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give credit where credit is due: Reverb has been the tool that has allowed my business to expand internationally.

Who are some of your influences as a musician and as a storeowner?

The truth is that I don’t have any clear references as far as guitar builders go. I simply find inspiration in everyday objects, industrial machinery, artistic movements like steampunk, cars and motorcycles, the movies...

I believe that unique things happen when you’re both creative and proactive. People may or may not like the resulting product, but you’ll always be a point of reference if you work that way.

Do you have any other related projects?

I’m going through a very creative period in my life, and, thanks to some great friends, we are working on an audiovisual project for TV. It is a reality show where we open Martper Guitars’ workshop for everyone to experience joy, stress, and lots of music, just like we do.

The first episode is now available on our YouTube channel.

Are you any different on the reality show and as a businessman?

There are some differences in the way I play both roles, but I’m a jack of all trades and very self-sufficient. I’m 100% in charge of both customizing the instruments and managing the business.

I’m completely devoted to my profession, but spending time with my loved ones is my top priority, so I don’t let work consume or take the best of me.

Besides that, there are not many differences between both sides of me. I’m just as crazy!

What can we find in your store?

Unique, very personal, exclusive instruments that I’ve put a lot of work into. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can make it for you.

What would you take to a desert island?

Barley, hops, and malt seeds. I love agriculture.

If your workshop was on fire, what instrument or piece of equipment would you save?

First, I would save the guitars that my clients send me for customization. There could be a priceless story behind each one of them.

I would also save my old Venson guitar, my first guitar.

What’s your experience on Reverb been like?

Reverb has opened a window to the world for me. Thanks to Reverb, my brand has traveled from Seville to the United States, France, Australia, Japan, Denmark, United Kingdom, Taiwan, and many other countries.

The Martper Guitars brand has gained prestige, recognition, and, most importantly, the trust of many people.

Reverb not only is a great website to buy and sell musical instruments but also an indispensable tool for luthiers and small brands to get a foothold in the market.

Besides, I can’t thank the team that manages the website enough for the exceptional service they’ve always provided. I would like to particularly thank Paul Rivera, who has been very helpful and personable whenever I’ve needed him.

What are your goals for the future?

My main goal is to be able to make a living with a job that I’m passionate about, so I’m working to strengthen the brand through global distribution. I’d like to become a point of reference within the niche market of custom, themed instruments.

Any advice for our readers?

The music industry is overwhelming and very competitive. You need more than effort and talent to become a noted musician. The fact is that success simply comes to some people sometimes. However, if you’d like to be noticed and show everyone how unique you are, Martper Guitars can help you.

Any final comments?

It has been an honor for us sharing these lines with you. You can visit our web to find out more about how we work.

We will happily assist you with any questions or requests, however crazy they may be.

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