EHX Announces 3 New Pedals: Flatiron Fuzz, Nano Battalion, and Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi

Today, New York City tone purveyors Electro-Harmonix announced the release of three new pedals: the Flatiron Fuzz, the Nano Battalion Bass Preamp and Overdrive, and an expansive new Muff model dubbed the Sovtek Deluxe Muff. All three pedals should be shipping from dealers shortly, continuing a banner year for EHX that has already included the successful launch of the popular Oceans 11 Reverb earlier this year.

The large-cased Sovtek Deluxe Muff is essentially a hybrid between the Green Russian Big Muff reissue and the Big Muff Deluxe. It takes the core "Civil War" circuit of the Russian Muff variation, but adds the more in-depth control set of the Big Muff Deluxe. Tone-shaping controls include a Mids EQ, Gate, and a Tone Wicker toggle.

The Nano Battalion Bass Preamp and Overdrive is an all-purpose bass tone shaper with a MOSFET-based drive and multi-band EQ. It also packs a mid-cut or -boost toggle, as well as different modes for dry or distortion.

And, finally, the new Flatiron is a fuzz-distortion that EHX describes as similar to a ProCo Rat 2. It offers Volume, Drive, and Filter controls around an op-amp-based circuit.

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